Monday, October 11, 2010

The five pillars of yoga

Right exercise - mostly yoga & spin

Right breathing - going back to my breath, and various pranayama exercises.

Right thinking - trying my best, and for the most part I'm good. But... Sometimes I do slip...

Right nutrition - love to shop good food, to cook for friends and family, to eat yummy healthy food! Now if I could just stay away from Swedish candy too...

Right relaxation - I love shavasana and most days I even fit a yoga nidra in for about 30 min:) At night though... It's nice and quiet, I can get all the million things that I want done accomplished, and oooops it's way past my bedtime again!!

Goodnight all!

P.S. Do any of these need more attention in your life? If so, aim to make changes that will get you there. Example, buy more fresh fruit and vegetables when you go food shopping the next time, do 10 more minutes of yoga every day or start a meditation class.
Good luck to you, good luck to me too! :)

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