Sunday, February 27, 2011

Website 3rd try

I've said it. I've posted it. Now I just have to make it happen. Actually, we will make it happen this time. With the help of my friend Sue, who's editing, pushing (gently!), and directing, this website has no choice but happen.

The first time was last February. It was me playing with my new computer's tools (oh,  iWeb! that sounds cool!). Plus, I had plenty of time on my hands... (remember that snowstorm up here in the northeast that kept us tight, not warm, but snowed in?!! I had to do something to not go bonkers.).

The second time was me trying to believe in a person who wanted to help (also, me trying to just push it away from me and make it somebody else's business), who said they knew who, and all that in exchange for yoga (pretty simple for me!)... and nope it didn't happen. Life... Then, I just laid low. Until...

Until the third time, when my friend Sue happened. I mean you got to love her. Admire her as well. No procrastination. Nope. None. She likes this she says. This, meaning figuring out how to make a website. I pretend I believe her. I do a little, but not a 100%. (I mean, hellloooo!! I'd rather go out for lunch, or go get a pedicure). She's persistent. I let her take charge (not that I really was in charge in this case). So, now I get to do "homework". "Homework", are all the assignments during this process. My contributions to my website. So, even though I'm a bit out of my comfort zone, here I am. I am persistent too. I can do my homework. I'm on it. I'm riding the writing wave. And even though its past my bedtime, I cant stop until I have a blog post as well. (am yoga will be biting me back tomorrow morning).

February will be called "The productive month". Last year I started this blog. This year I am finishing up a website. Not bad for February, not bad at all.

Here's todays reflection, taken from the Bhagavad Gita:

"For concentration is better than mere practice, and meditation is better than concentration; but higher than meditation is surrender in love of the fruit of one's actions, for on surrender follows peace."

Friends that do SUP Yoga together, not only stay together, but also build web sites together:)

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