Saturday, April 30, 2011

the way of not knowing

a sweet yoga student (thank you Jen!) passed on a book filled with meditations the other day, and today this one spoke to me...

"ideas and data make up the way of knowing. planning and predictability usually follow.
do you also know the way of not knowing?
the way of not knowing embraces surprise, enjoys the unexpected, and welcomes wonder and mystery.
in the way of not knowing, you let go of the need to know or control, instead allowing life to come to you.

1. breathe mindfully for about 1 min.
2. set your intention. for example: "may this practice help me live well."
3. open your awareness to sounds and listen mindfully.
4. allow all sounds and sensations. be curious. what will happen next? let it in.
5. notice your thoughts. hear them without fighting or feeding them. appreciate their variety.
6. relax. letr all your experiences come and go without resistance or control.
7. you do not have to know anything for this meditation."

wonderful, right?
moi :)

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