Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Thanksgiving Eve... This time of the year we get reminded of all the beautiful things we are thankful for, and I love that! This year it so happens  to be a time where I feel lots and lots of gratitude... Gratitude because things are falling into place like crazy! It's a good year and I'm having an awesome time and I'm so very thankful for it all! I'm thankful for all the steps on this journey of mine. The hard ones, and the easy. The tricky ones, and the ones I didn't have to sweat much for. All of them have helped to make me stronger. I love that!
Work (yep, that's teaching yoga basically for me), is evolving into something so beautiful that it's almost hard for me think of at times...  I will be able to very soon allow it's transformation to face the morning light (did that make sense???). 
My family is expanding (no, I'm not pregnant, but my sister is), and I'm looking forward to the winter/christmas holidays to spend them with my sisters here in my nest. 
Friendships are on a roll, old ones are resurfacing, new ones are blossoming. It feels so cool to be alive!
With that in mind, I bought a book for my very good friend (and yogi), Angela Travaglini (I love you baby!), and one for myself a couple of weekends ago when I visited her that I've been enjoying a lot lately. Here is a sweet piece that spoke to me today and that I shared with class tonight. 

Enjoy & Happy Thanksgiving to us all! 

P.S. Love and gratitude to all of you, my readers, my students, my teachers, my family, my friends, and all of you I still haven't met, but so looking forward to meet! 

"All of my changes are easy to make
When I begin to work on myself, sometimes things get worse before they get better. It is okay if that happens, because I know that it's the beginning of the process. It's untangling old threads.I just flow with it.It takes time and effort to learn what I need to learn. I don't demand instant change. Impatience is only resistance to learning. I let myself do it step by step. It will get easier as I get along."
By Louise L. Hay

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