Saturday, February 6, 2010

Scattered thoughts...

I've been thinking about this blog all day...We haven't had power since early this morning (blizzard with over 2ft of snow!) and I've had plenty of time to dream, read, think, surf the web, and brainstorm... In the end my body started signaling me to move, do something, act. So, in the midst of the turmoil that's called our family room, I rolled out my mat in front of the fireplace. Surrounded by kids, husband, dog, air mattresses, sleeping bags, pillows, books, boardgames, art supplies, art projects, steaming cups of tea & sweet smelling soy candles my body was rejoicing. My mind was focused, my breath slow & deep, and my heart smiling. My practice was grounding me once again. An hour later, I looked up with a decision that felt right... I'm on the right road. Right now. Right here. In my family room while the blizzard has finally ceased.

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